Blooming Managers’ Association

Blooming Managers’ Association

Co-curricular activities form one of the vital aspects of curriculum providing opportunities for search and display of the inherent talents of the students, leading to an all-round development of the personality. Keeping this in mind, the department has created opportunities and forum for the students to take part and express their skills. The name of the association is blooming managers’ association.

                                           Through the activities of the blooming managers’ association the students can develop leadership skills, communication skills, team building skills and event management skills.

” Makes Everyone Perfect “

Association Activities

    1. Guest Lectures
    2. Business Quiz
    3. Management Games
    4. Case Study
    5. Group Discussion
    6. Role Play
    7. New Product Development
    8. Best Entrepreneur
    9. SWOT Analysis on corporate brands
    10. Event Management Activities