Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Action Plan
To improve the quality of teaching and learning
  • Focusing on Outcome-Based Education
  • Promoting participative learning
  • Exclusive activities for advanced learners and slow learners
To enhance the quality of staff
  • Emphasis on research by publication in journals and conference proceedings
  • Encouraging to participate in Faculty Development Programmes.
  • Motivating to complete online Faculty Development Programmes through NPTEL
  • Encouraging faculty to complete Ph.D., NET, SET
Concentration on value-based education
  • Incorporating value education along with regular curriculum
  • Focus on counselling and mentoring
Imbibing social responsibility among students and faculty
  • Village adoption
  • Encouraging students to participate in extension activities
  • Instructing the faculty to incorporate more social responsibility activities
Environmental Concerns
  • Gardening on the college campus
  • Activities through Eco Club and NSS