criterion 3

Criterion 3 – Research, Innovation and Extension
Metric No. Research, Innovation and Extension Download
3.1 Resource mobilisation for Research
3.1.2 (QnM) Percentage of teachers recognised as research guides Guide recognition letters
3.2 Innovation ecosystem
3.2.1 (QlM) Institution has innovation ecosystem Initiatives of the institution
3.2.2 (QnM) Number workshops/seminars conducted on research methodology, IPR and entrepreneurship Report of the activities with Geo tagged photos
Details of resource persons
3.3 Research Publication and awards
3.3.1 (QnM) Number of Ph.Ds registered per eligible teacher List of Ph.D scholars with Guides
3.3.2 (QlM) Number of research papers per teacher in the journals notified on UGC website during the last five years Details of papers published
3.3.3(QnM) Number of books and chapters in edited volumes /books published, and papers in national/international conference-proceedings per teacher during the last five years Books published
Conference proceedings
3.4 Extension Activities
3.4.1(QlM) Extension activities in the neighbourhood community in terms of impact and sensitizing students to social issues and holistic development during the last five years Report of the extension activities
3.4.2(QnM) Number of awards and recognitions received for extension activities from government/ recognised bodies during the last five years Award letters
3.4.3(QnM) Number of extension and outreach Programmes conducted in collaboration with industry, community and Non- Government Organizations through NSS/ NCC/ Red Cross/ YRC etc., during the last five years Extension report 2014 - 2019 with Newspaper report
3.4.4(QnM) Average percentage of students participating in extension activities with Government Organization, Non-Government Organizations and Programmes such as Swachh Bharat, AIDs awareness, Gender issue etc. during last five years Detailed programme report with Students participation certificate
3.5 Collaboration
3.5.1(QnM) Number of Collaborations/linkages for Faculty exchange, Student exchange, Internship, Field trip, On-the- job training, research etc during the last five years Collabrative activities
Linkage documents
3.5.2(QnM) Number of functional MoUs with national, international institutions, universities, industries, corporate houses etc. during the last five years Activities conducted under each MoU
MoU documents