Criterion 7

Criterion 7: Institutional values and Best practices
Metric No. Institutional values and Best practices Download
7.1 Institutional values and social responsibilities
Gender equity
7.1.1 (QlM) Measures for promotion of gender equity a)Safety and Security
c)Common Room
Annual Gender sensitisation action plan
Gender Equity Promotion Programmes and Report
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Environmental consciousness and sustainability
7.1.2 (QnM) Alternate sources of energy Use of LED bulbs - Geo tagged photo
7.1.3 (QlM) Waste Management facilities including:
a) Solid waste management
b) Liquid waste management
c) E-waste management
Agreement with Panchayat
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7.1.4 (QnM) Water conservation facilities
1. Rain water harvesting
2. Borewell/ open well recharge
3. Construction of tanks and bunds
4. Waste water recycling
5. Maintenance of water bodies and distribution system in the campus
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7.1.5 (QnM) Green campus initiatives
Restricted entry of automobiles
Ban of use of plastics
Landscaping with trees and plants
Policy document
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Circular for implementation
7.1.6 (QnM) Quality audits on environment and energy and environment promotion activities Policy document
Report on environment promotion activities with Geo tagged photos
7.1.7 (QnM) Differently abled (Divyangjan) friendliness Resources available in the institution Policy document
Friendliness Resources available in the Institution
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Inclusion and situatedness
7.1.8 (QlM) Initiatives to provide inclusive environment (tolerance and harmony towards cultural,regional, linguistic, communal,socio-economic and other diversities) Report of initiatives to promote tolerance and harmony
Human values and professional ethics
7.1.9 (QlM) Sensitisation of students and staff to the constitutional obligations List of Activities
Report of activities to inculcate values
7.1.10 (QnM) Prescribed code of conduct for students, teachers, administrators and other staff Policy document
Report on Student attributes
Code of conduct documents
7.1.11 (QlM) Institution organizes national/international commemorative days, events and festivals Report of the events
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7.2 Best Practices
7.2.1 (QlM) Describe at least two institutional best practices (as per NAAC format) Best Practices
Support documents
7.3 Institutional distinctiveness
7.3.1 (QlM) Performance of the institution in one area distinctive to its vision, priority and thrust Institutional Distinctiveness
Additional Information