Physical Education

Physical Education

Department of Physical Education 

We endorse the fact that physical well being of a student is concomitant to his or her performance in academics and endow students with opportunities to develop a physically active life style and essential values like cooperation, team work and sportsmanship. Physical education nurtures and inculcates in students the desire and commitment to continue to enjoy, improve and achieve in line with their own personal capacities throughout their lifetime.

Stemming directly from the vision of overall student development, the college provides facilities and encouragement for every sport activity that students find interest in. Exceptional talents are given adequate encouragement to emerge as winning performers in their chosen sporting disciplines.

The Department regularly organizes various intramural competitions, State Level Inter Collegiate Tournaments and various Inter Campus Tournaments including Football, Basketball, Cricket, Kho Kho, Kabaddi, Badminton, Volleyball, Throw ball, Chess, Carrom, Tennicoit, Athletics, Events etc. are also organized year-round.

Deserving Talented sportsmen get free education facilities with generous help from the management.


To develop a quality physical education program that emphasizes enjoyable participation in physical activities; to help students develop the knowledge, attitude, motor skills, social skills and confidence needed to begin and maintain a healthy physically active lifestyle for the rest of their life.


Every person at Indian citizen will become a physically educated person who:

  •  Has the skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities
  •  Acquires the knowledge and skills to stay physically fit
  •  Participates regularly in physical activity
  •  Knows the implications of and benefits from involvement in physical activities
  •  Values physical activity and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle.